Sumptuous Summer Wedding


                                                                                                 This wedding features the unique vision of Pure Elegance's President

                                                                                                 and founder Michelle Joseph. Like other brides our founder wanted

                                                                                                 to create an unforgettable experience. While working two jobs as a

                                                                                                 full time nurse Michelle was able to put together this beautiful

                                                                                                 wedding in just under six months. And get this, believe it or not she

                                                                                                 was extremely "stress free" doing so, as creativity comes second

                                                                                                 nature to her. While planning many people told her she had too

                                                                                                 many colors but, that didn't shed any emphasis on her changing

                                                                                                 her mind. Viewing these pictures to your right demonstrate how

                                                                                                 ones vision can become a reality. Everything you see was hand

                                                                                                 picked and hand made by the bride herself, from the candy table,

                                                                                                 to the card table and from her hand picked flowers right down to

                                                                                                 her uniquely designed cake. When she finished one thing another

                                                                                                 vision came to her and she added on until she felt she had not left                                                                                                                 anything out.

On a very hot day in July, despite the

extreme heat, Michelle was so pleased

when her big day arrived and everything

she had coordinated fell right into place.

Yes, another satisfied bride.

So, for all you future brides, whether your

wedding is a spring, summer, fall or winter

event, simple or elaborate, we can provide

you with the expertise you need to create

your own one of a kind wedding that

reflects your own personal style and that

is created just for you in mind. 

We invite you to schedule

a consultation with us and let us help you

create your unforgettable day surrounded

with both beauty and elegance.

All just for you on your special day!


                                                                                         Since planning her own wedding, Michelle and her team have successfully

                                                                                         done the same for many other couples. Peep Inc's team make it their sole                                                                                                     responsibility to ensure each couple 's wedding exceeds the vision they                                                                                                         initially had for their dream wedding. Each wedding brings a new experience                                                                                             and that very special memory every one talks about for years to come.

                                                                                                          "These are the kinds of weddings that warms our hearts.".


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